I Hurt My Back and Knee

It did not seem like that big of a deal at the time. I was out in the yard doing some work, trying to get rid of the brush along the edge of my lot. Of course we have occasional wild fires in this part of the world and it is a very good idea to eliminate the sort of fuel that they need. Ideally I would build a fire break if that were practical. However I had to start to look for prp treatment in New Rochelle, NY after I got done with the job. I was trying to pull up this stump, which did not seem like that big of a deal really. It was pretty small all things considered and I chopped off several of the roots, but it did not want to get out of the ground. I had big metal post that I was using as a lever, but that did not seem to impress this stump even a little. Then I lost the grip on the lever and I went flying.

Of course I felt my back knee and it concerned me for a moment, but then I went back to work and finished up what I wanted to do. However the next morning my back was really stiff when I got up out of the bed. It was not as though I was panicked about it, but it did not get any better with time. The stiffness was even worse the next day and I could not even get up at first. I had to take a long hot shower to try to loosen it up, which was a big hindrance to getting on with the things that I needed to do that morning. Obviously you have to go when you have to go and there is no time for this sort of stuff.